Vertex Ultra Tac Bio range of oils are high performance biodegradable chain bar oils.  Based on canola oil rather than petroleum oil, with the right viscosity, tackiness and flow qualities for the full range of professional chain saw applications. Its efficacy is confirmed by routine use over a period of several years both here and abroad, and by independent tests that include a major chain saw manufacturer.  Available in ISO 100 and 150 viscosity.

Vertex Ultra Tac Bio is designed for use in :

  • Added directly to the chain bar oil reservoir for automatic lubrication systems but can also be used manually on the chain if needed for added lubrication & protection.
  • Keeping chains sharper for longer and its tacky formula stops it being flung off the chain during operation providing protection over normal engine type oils. It also ensures that the oil feeds at the correct ratio to reduce wastage.
  • Vertex Ultra Tac Bio is designed for all petrol and electric type chainsaws. Its advanced formula and special additive pack reduce wear on the bar, chain & sprockets.
  • Flushes away dust, chips and sap from the working surfaces ensuring smooth and consistent cutting.
  • Its superior formulation lubricates chains and sockets and provides a barrier against corrosion, moisture & premature wear on the working surfaces.

Vertex Ultra Tac Bio provides the following benefits :

  • Resists “Throw Off” due to tackifier.
  • Contains superior extreme pressure additives.
  • Odourless and low Misting.
  • Excellent resistance to water wash out.
  • Exceptional wear protection & Prevents corrosion.
  • Suitable for central lube systems.
  • Vertex Ultra Tac Bio is especially developed to lubricate the chains of chain saws and process saws to prevent them from breaking or getting jammed.

Please contact Lubricants NZ Technical Department for more detailed information.

Certified to conform to the European Ecological Seal requirements. Registration Number : FR / 27 / 02 / 01 AFNOR CERTIFICATION. Vertex Ultra Tac Bio helps to reduce pollution and helps to reduce resource consumption.
Meets the criteria of the 44th article of 2010 French Agriculture Law.
Satisfactory to the technical performance criterias of the german RAL UZ 48 norm.
Vertex Ultra Tac is specially adapted to prevent the loss of lubrication of manual chainsaws and guides.

Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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