Vertex Lubricants Product Range
Our Product Categories are designed to help you when you are looking for a type of product (e.g an engine oil, or a grease) but don’t know exactly how to classify it. Alternatively it is handy for those who just want to browse what is available.
These Categories are broken down into :
  • Engine Oils Petrol Engine Oils, Diesel Engine Oils, Low SAPS Engine Oils & Specialist Engine Oils.
  • Marine Private Watercraft Oils 4 Stroke Engine Oil, 2 Stroke Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Grease, Paints/Coatings, Chemicals & Cleaners.
  • Transmission & Differential Oils Gear & Differential Oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids, Power Steering Fluids, Manual Transmission Fluid, Axle/Final Drive Oils, Power Train Oils, Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO), Limited Slip Oils, API GL-4, API GL-5.
  • Coolant Automotive, Heavy Duty, Motorcycle, Long Life (HAT), Super Long Life (HOAT), Super Long Life (HOAT) NAPS Free.
  • Hydraulic Oils Biodegradable, Food Grade, Mineral, High VI, Zinc Free, Fire Resistant, Compressor Oils, Vacuum Pump Oils.
  • Greases Moly, Bentone, Lithium Complex, Calcium Sulfonate, Specialist, NLGI 00, NLGI 0, NLGI 1, NLGI 2, NLGI 3.
  • Agricultural Oils Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU), Chain & Bar Lubricants, Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO), Compressor & Vacuum Pump Oil, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Grease, Gear/Final Drives, 2 Stroke Oil, Coolant, Transmission Oil, Chemicals & Cleaners, Paint/Coatings, AdBlue ®.
  • Brake Fluids Dot 4, Dot 5.1, LHM, LDAS, Mineral, Synthetic
  • Motorcyle Oils 4 Stroke Engine Oil, 2 Stroke Engine Oil, Moto Fork Oil, Moto Chain & Sprocket Lube, Moto Gear Oil, Moto Coolant, Moto Brake Fluid, Moto Air Filter Oil, Chemicals & Cleaners, Paint/Coatings.
  • Industrial Oils Reduction Gear Oil, Metalworking Fluid, Slideways Lubricant, Compressor Fluid, Vacuum Pump Oil, Air Tool Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Power Generation, Heat Transfer Oil, Grease, Chemicals & Cleaners, Food Grade, Engine Oil, Paint/Coatings.
  • Consumables Degreasers, Parts Wash/Surface Cleaners, Brake & Surface Cleaners, Kerosene, Low Aromatic/Worksafe, Biodegradable, Chain, Sprocket and Wire Rope Spray, Multi Purpose Cleaners, AdBlue ®, Paint/Coatings.