Lubricants NZ Product Range Stockholding

Our range is the most extensive in the country.  It is comprised generically of Lubricants, Grease & Chemicals. We carry over 1,100 unique products in stock.  These range in size from 23,000L flexi bags of oil, 1000L IBC’s, 210L Drums, 208L Drums, 200L Drums, 180 KG Drums (grease), 60L Drums, 55 KG Drums (grease), 20L Pails, 20 KG Buckets (grease), 15L Pails, 5L Jerrys, 4L Jerrys, 2.5 KG Pails (grease), 1L Bottles, 600ml Aerosols, 500ml Bottles, 500ml Aerosols, 500GM Tubs (grease), 450GM Cartridges (grease), 400GM Cartridges (grease), 400ml Aerosols, 200ml Bottles and 30GM Tubes (grease).  We carry over 2,000 Tonnes of product on hand in this country.  So you can rest assured, whatever you need we will have.  And always with options that suit you as a consumer.  Our Range is classified by Industry Categories and also by Product Categories.  These are explained below.

Lubricants NZ Product Range by Type

Our Product Categories are designed to help you when you are looking for a type of product (e.g an engine oil, or a grease) but don’t know exactly how to classify it.  Alternativfely it is handy for those who just want to browse what is available.

These Categories are broken down into :

  • Engine Oils – Petrol Engine Oils, Diesel Engine Oils, Low SAPS Engine Oils & Specialist Engine Oils.
  • Marine Heavy Oils – Cylinder Oils, System Oils, Trunk Piston Engine Oils, Auxiliary Engine oils, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Air Compressor Oils, Refrigerating Compressor Oils, turbocharger oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Gas Compressor Oils, Greases, Paints/Coatings, Chemicals & Cleaners.
  • Marine Private Watercraft Oils – 4 Stroke Engine Oil, 2 Stroke Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Grease, Paints/Coatings, Chemicals & Cleaners.
  • Transmission & Differential Oils – Gear & Differential Oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids, Power Steering Fluids, Manual Transmission Fluid, Axle/Final Drive Oils,  Power Train Oils, Universal  Tractor  Transmission Oil (UTTO), Limited Slip Oils, API GL-4, API GL-5.
  • Coolant – Automotive, Heavy Duty, Motorcycle, Long Life (HAT), Super Long Life (HOAT), Super Long Life (HOAT) NAPS Free.
  • Hydraulic Oils – Biodegradable, Food Grade, Mineral, High VI, Zinc Free, Fire Resistant, Compressor Oils, Vacuum Pump Oils.
  • Greases – Moly, Bentone, Lithium Complex, Calcium Sulfonate, Specialist, NLGI 00, NLGI 0, NLGI 1, NLGI 2, NLGI 3.
  • Agricultural Oils – Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU), Chain & Bar Lubricants, Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO), Compressor & Vacuum Pump Oil, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Grease, Gear/Final Drives, 2 Stroke Oil, Coolant, Transmission Oil, Chemicals & Cleaners, Paint/Coatings, AdBlue ®.
  • Brake Fluids – Dot 4, Dot 5.1, LHM, LDAS, Mineral, Synthetic
  • Motorcyle Oils – 4 Stroke Engine Oil, 2 Stroke Engine Oil, Moto Fork Oil, Moto Chain & Sprocket Lube, Moto Gear Oil, Moto Coolant, Moto Brake Fluid, Moto Air Filter Oil, Chemicals & Cleaners, Paint/Coatings.
  • Industrial Oils – Reduction Gear Oil, Metalworking Fluid, Slideways Lubricant, Compressor Fluid, Vacuum Pump Oil, Air Tool Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Power Generation, Heat Transfer Oil, Grease, Chemicals & Cleaners, Food Grade, Engine Oil, Paint/Coatings.
  • Consumables – Degreasers, Parts Wash/Surface Cleaners, Brake & Surface Cleaners, Kerosene, Low Aromatic/Worksafe, Biodegradable, Chain, Sprocket and Wire Rope Spray, Multi Purpose Cleaners, AdBlue ®, Paint/Coatings.

Lubricants NZ Export/Private Label Product Range

Are you in the market for your own range?

Are you in the market for an export range of oil to sell into another region?

Lubricants NZ are the first company in NZ that can produce private label brands.

We can design your packaging, your labelling, your formulation requirements, and even gain OEM approval for your product.  We already produce ranges for 2 very well known brands in the NZ market.

We keep all our clients information very confidential with binding agreements.  This provides peace of mind for businesses looking for additional revenue streams.

If this is of interest to you please contact us.

Nick Anderson – Marketing Manager  + 64 21 416 226