We are a passionate and personable oil company. We believe in technical excellence, innovation and market understanding. Our vision is to not only meet, but exceed the markets needs and expectations. We provide complete value and quality. We aim to be the best not the biggest.

What exactly do we do

Lubricants and its related products are all we do.
What sets us apart is we are a 100% kiwi owned business that is passionate about our market. We listen to our customers, anticipate their needs and bring the best solution to market as soon as possible.
We specialise in the manufacturing, importation, distribution, and marketing of the following:

Lubricants – Grease – Chemicals – Fleet/Plant Lubrication Audits – Fleet/Plant Lubrication Surveys – Lubrication Equipment – Fluid Condition Monitoring (Tribology)

Experience our technical experts

One thing that definitely sets us apart is our technical expertise – when you’ve been in business as long as we have, you become very good at what you do.
Some companies are very good in some areas, but inadequate in others (a great-price with poor technical support, for example).

Our team includes people with expertise in all the essential areas, such as:

  • Lubricant recommendations
  • Plant lubricant surveys
  • Lubricant application training
  • Rationalisation of number of lubricant grades
  • Oil analysis and interpretation
  • Lubricant storage and handling advice
  • General
  • Tailor made training and conferences
  • Latest Fuel Economy developments

We are particularly skilled at managing these different disciplines to be a fully-functional supplier. We offer a complete Lubrication Service – Everything Lube®

Creating value for our customers

We realised early on that it takes more than just technical expertise to create real value.

  • Our aim is to be a partner with our customers and be more than just a supplier.
  • Our role is to help you be as efficient as possible. So, your lubricants must not only meet the right specifications and operate efficiently, they must also support your business objectives.
  • This is why we get to know you and take the time to understand your business.
  • We ask plenty of questions and, most importantly, we listen.

From Low SAPS & Mid SAPS Fluids, Fuel Economy Oils, DSG and LSD Oils, Non DG chemicals, Industrial and Marine Fluids to specialist products to help reduce inventory we strive to make your business as profitable as possible.

Transparent and Trustworthy Supplier

We pride ourselves on open and honest dealings with the market.  The reasons we exist,and the reason we are successful come down to our core beliefs.

Our core beliefs as a company are:

  • We need an oil company that is committed to the market and its customers.
  • We believe in innovation and that the market should have a complete range and supply offer.
  • We believe the market deserves the best technical expertise and support.
  • We are driven to succeed and are passionate about this industry.
  • We want to be respected and recognised as the premier oil company in Australasia.
  • We want to control our own destiny.

Your Independent Oil Company

An “independent” oil company is one that has input into it’s product range from the research and development stage, through to formulation, branding and packaging.  The difference in Australasia is that we mostly have oil distributors.  These are companies that have their decisions around what products they have available made by people based in overseas offices.  We are proud to be market leaders, and proud to trade as a fiercely independent company instead of merely being a brand agent.

Lubricants NZ Company Profile