We are a very proud company.  Our values are instilled throughout the most important thing in our business (Our People).

Why Do We Exist

We believe this country needs and deserves an oil company that is committed to the market and its customers.

Our core company beliefs are:
  • We believe in innovation and that the market should have a complete range and supply offer.
  • We believe the market deserves the best technical expertise and support.
  • We are driven to succeed and are passionate about this industry.
  • We want to be respected and recognised as the premier oil company in Australasia.
  • We want to control our own destiny.


What is Our Primary Focus

To provide lubrication solutions with superior service and the best technical support.

To achieve this:

  • We offer the local market a superior service.
  • We provide the best technical backup and support.
  • We provide a complete range of products.
  • We provide value to the local market.
  • We have control with the development of our own brand.
  • We innovate and utilise cutting edge technology.
  • We listen to you.
  • We look ahead and inform the market.


Our Core Values are

Commitment, Honesty, Accountability – for self and the company and the market, Trust (customers can trust us and we can trust each other), A Willingness to Listen – RESPECT is the outcome if we display all of the above


We Measure Our Success by

  • Being recognised by staff and the marketplace as continuously achieving and representing our desired values.
  • By displaying the right behaviours.
  • By defining what success means to us.
  • By having a Common Goal.
  • By having the Desire Amongst Staff to “buy in”.
  • By instilling trust into everyone that interacts with our company.
  • With good data and utilisation of this data.
  • Open 2 way communication with colleagues, customers and the local market in general.
All of this is achieved and furthered through what is the most important thing to us (Our People)

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