Technical Support
A key thing that sets us apart is our technical expertise – when you’ve been in business as long as we have, you become very good at what you do.
Some companies are very good in some areas, but inadequate in others (a great-price with poor technical support, for example). Our team includes people with expertise in all the essential areas, such as
  • Lubricant recommendations.
  • Plant lubricant surveys.
  • Lubricant application training.
  • Rationalization of number of lubricant grades.
  • Oil analysis and interpretation.
  • Lubricant storage and handling.
  • General consultancy.
  • Tailor made training and conferences.
  • Latest Fuel Economy developments.
We are particularly skilled at managing these different disciplines to be a fully-functional supplier.
We offer a complete Lubrication Service – Everything Lube®
Lubricants Recommendations
We offer comprehensive Vertex Lubrication Guide which covers basically every vehicle in New Zealand.
Simply search by Category, Make, Model or Year for Engine, Transmission, Differential and Coolant recommendations.