Vertex Solu-Cut 3000 is a chlorine free macro emulsion metal working fluid for copper alloys and mild steels.  Designed especially for routine machining of non-ferrous metals and high-grade carbon steels. This product is specially designed for the machining of copper alloys and free cutting brass.  Contains an extra bio stability package over and above standard cutting fluids.

Vertex Solu-Cut 3000 is designed for use in :

  • Vertex Solucut 3000 is specifically designed for the conventional machining of copper alloys and screw cutting brasses.
  • It is also fully satisfactory for all processes involving fine carbon steels.
  • Recommended proportions: 2 to 5 % depending on severity of the application.
  • Temporary protection of mechanical parts, machined or not, where easy removal of the protection product is required.
  • Can be used for general cutting, milling, tapping, grinding and reaming applications with steel, cast iron and aluminium.

Vertex Solu-Cut 3000 offers the following benefits:

  • Very easy to use: simply pour Vertex Solucut 3000 into good quality water.
  • Excellent resistance to bacterial growth.
  • Vertex Solucut 3000 ensures superb hard water tolerance. It easily forms emulsion irrespective of water tolerance.
  • Excellent stability over time. Emulsions are bio stable.
  • Good corrosion protection for machined parts and machines.
  • Non-foaming.
  • Vertex Solu-Cut 3000 contains no chlorine, nitrites or PTBB, NPE, DEA.

Vertex Solu-Cut 3000 is produced from a new, unregenerated, solvent-refined base oil, and has no particular smell.


Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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