Vertex Moto Fork Oil is a new generation semi-synthetic lubricant.  Specially formulated to meet the requirements of all different types of motorcycle telescopic forks and hydraulic shock absorbers.  Available in 10W – 15W and 20W viscosity.  For lower viscosities please see Vertex Moto Fork Oil Syn.

Vertex Moto Fork Oil is designed for use in :

  • The different grades are perfectly suitable for all types of machine (road or off-road).
  • The different grades are perfectly suitable for all types of riding conditions (solo or two-up) and different riding situations (leisure or competition).

Vertex Moto Fork Oil offers the following benefits:

  • Selected “hydraulic quality” mineral oil based formula.
  • Wide viscosity range suitable for all applications.
  • Composed of selected mineral compounds reinforced by special additives conferring upon them numerous qualities such as a high anti-wear capacity.
  • This oil provides optimum damping all year round and is stable in time.
  • Excellent behaviour in air: limited bubbling and very rapid de-aeration.
  • Excellent compatibility with elastomers used in motorcycle forks and shock absorbers.
  • Formulated to inhibit oxidation, corrosion and foaming over a wide range of temperatures and riding conditions.

Available in 10W – 15W and 20W viscosity.  For lower viscosities please see Vertex Moto Fork Oil Syn.

Please consult our Lube Guide before use.