Vertex Moto 2T Max is a high performance semi synthetic lubricant designed for 2-stroke motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. It is designed for use in modern 2 stroke engines with or without catalytic systems.

Vertex Moto 2T Max is designed for use in:

  • 2 stroke engines requiring the use of API TC, JASO FD and ISO L-EGD equivalent lubricants.
  • All motorcycles with oil injection systems.
  • Racing or daily driver motorcycles.
  • Suitable for all types of riding and driving conditions.
  • It’s composition is perfectly compatible with lead-free fuels. The product is pre-diluted and therefore suitable for separate lubrication and mixing. The oil content needs to be dosed according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Vertex Moto 2T Max provides the following benefits:

  • Good engine cleanliness plus high resistance to deposit formation.
  • Cleans exhaust systems and is completely combustible, meaning low reside formation.
  • Provides superior engine protection.
  • Low friction formula maximises engine performance.
  • Recommended for driving through urban traffic as well as rural conditions and for the most severe off road use.
  • Provides hydrodynamic lubrication and assists in the engine’s power and original performance.
  • The specific fluid viscosity enables superior miscibility between the lubricant and the fuel, even in applications with separated fuel / lubricant tanks.

Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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