Vertex Hytec FR HFC is a high performance synthetic water-polymer, fire resistant hydraulic fluid. Suitable for all moving parts and circuits requiring a hydraulic fluid.  Recommended for hydraulic equipment operating in locations comprising a fire risk.

Hytec FR HFC is designed for use in :

  • Hydraulic systems utilizing vane, gear and piston hydraulic pumps
    Hydraulic and oil circulation systems operating in conditions subject to fire hazards.
    The operating temperature range is from – 20 °C to +70 °C.
    When changing from a mineral oil based hydraulic system components please appropriately clean the hydraulic system.

The use of Vertex Hytec FR HFDU lessens the serious risks presented in the advent of rupture of a hose or when a leak gives rise to oil mist, in the immediate vicinity of a flame or in an area with potential flame/heat sources.

Hytec FR HFC provides the following benefits:

  • High flash point and high spontaneous ignition temperature.
  • Low pour-point providing good performances at low temperature.
  • Provides improved fire resistance while protecting equipment under severe service conditions.
  • It is designed particularly for hydraulic systems utilizing vane, gear and piston hydraulic pumps.
  • It is very shear stable offering enhanced corrosion resistance performance and seal compatibility, providing excellent pump lubrication which can help to extend equipment service life.
  • Very good anticorrosion properties in relation to ferrous and non-ferrous metals making up a hydraulic circuit.
  • Excellent anti-wear performance, ensuring a log life of the equipment.
  • Good air release and good anti-foam properties.
  • The very good filterability of its base fluids permit fine filtration.

Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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