Vertex Foodlube MP 46 is a non staining food grade hydraulic/industrial oil.  Fortified with Food Grade rust; oxidation and anti-wear inhibitors to promote increased lubricant service life.  This is a major breakthrough, as in the past only uninhibited Medicinal Grade White Oils without tackiness were available on the market.

Vertex Foodlube MP 46 is designed for use in :

  • Rollers, track and rail lubrication.
  • Plain and anti-friction bearings, chain drives, slides and guides.
  • Gear drives, both splash and circulation.
  • Hydraulics and pneumatic equipment.
  • Compressor, vane, reciprocating and screw units.

Vertex Foodlube MP 46 provides the following benefits:

  • Tackiness/anti-drip – A very essential requirement especially for overhead rail track systems, chains and conveyors.
  • Rust & corrosion protection – Incorporates proven rust and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Wear protection – Is maintained in all equipment operating with Foodlube MP 46.
  • Oxidation inhibited – Powerful Oxidation Inhibitors promote long lubricant service life.
  • Filterability – Where water contamination cannot be avoided, good separation of the oil from water is achieved.
  • Biostable products, do not promote the development of bacteria and mould.

Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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