Vertex Expert Retro 20W50 is a very specialised petrol engine oil that is formulated exclusively for use in pre 1980 engines.  Contains higher levels of ZDDP and EP additives than modern SM and SN engine oils.  Perfectly suited for pushrod, flat tappet engines, and also classic motor cars.  For high performance please use Vertex Expert Racing Plus 25W50.

Vertex Expert Retro 20W50 is manufactured for use in a wide range of automotive applications such as:

  • Ultra protective oil designed to provide sustained endurance in older vehicles even with modern fuel.
  • The special additive chemistry employed in Vertex Retro 20W50 maximises lubricant related power output and gives complete protection against scuffing and scoring of all rapidly moving engine components.
  • Vertex Expert Retro 20W50  utilises the latest chemical technology additives to protect your older vehicle in a way that “modern” engine oils can not.

Not suitable for engines requiring an API SL level or higher.

Vertex Expert Retro 20W50 is formulated in combination with a special additive package to reach the following properties:

  • Vertex Expert Retro 20W50 gives complete protection to engines against scuffing, scoring and seizure. Extreme pressure and special anti-wear (ZDDP) additives protect all the moving engine parts against premature wear. Specially designed for passenger car engines manufactured between 1950 and 1980.
  • Vertex Expert Retro 20W50 is compatible with the metals used in the automobile industry between 1960 and 1980.
  • Reduces problems of compression and helps engine start thanks to a formula designed for the engines of cars of this era.

Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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