Vertex Calcium Sulfonate HD2 is an extreme pressure water resistant high temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease.  Designed for all weather, multi application and high performance applications.  Available in 450g – 500 g – 2.5KG – 20KG – 55KG – 180KG.

Vertex Calcium Sulfonate HD2 is designed for use in the following applications:

  • Calcium Sulfonate HD2 is a multi purpose extreme pressure grease, formulated for the lubrication of all kinds of industrial, marine and off shore applications, operating under the most severe conditions. (water,heat, dust and other pollution).
  • Applications requiring a calcium sulfonate based grease.
  • Also suitable as EP multi purpose grease, in “off road” applications where water is in frequent contact with the grease.
  • Always avoid contamination of the grease by dust and/or dirt when applying. Preferably use a pneumatic pump system or cartridges.

Vertex Calcium Sulfonate HD2 offers the following benefits:

  • Thanks to its very sophisticated formula and performance reserves, Calcium Sulfonate HD2 meets the most stringent industrial requirements.  Its range of applications is extensive, as a result it can replace and outclass numerous conventional greases:
  • Excellent thermal stability. It regains its original texture after cooling to ambient temperature.
  • Remarkable load resistance thanks to its naturally high extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.
  • Extraordinary water resistance, no significant loss of consistency is observed even with high amounts of water entering the grease.
  • Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties thanks to the very nature of the calcium sulfonates, also in the presence of sea water.
  • Vertex Calcium Sulfonate HD2 does not contain lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful to human health and the environment.

Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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