Vertex Transmatic CVT is a fully synthetic constant variable transmission fluid.  Vertex Transmatic CVT is blended from high-performance synthetic base oils and carefully selected additives, including friction modifiers, detergent-dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, corrosion inhibitors, and defoaming agents.  Designed primarily for Nissan NS-1 applications.

Vertex Transmatic CVT is manufactured for use in a wide range of automotive applications such as :

  • Vertex Transmatic CVT has been specially designed for use early generations of Nissan Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) which transfers traction via steel-made traction chains or belts.
  • It provides outstanding power transfer and better fuel-economy performance for CVTs as compared with the regular automatic transmissions.
  • Can also be used in place of DEXRON III fluids.

Vertex Transmatic CVT is formulated in combination with a special additive package to reach the following properties:

  • Minimises friction between belts and pulleys which protects against fatigue damage.
  • Vertex Transmatic CVT imparts both shear and oxidation stability to the fluid and maintains the performance of a Continuously Variable Transmission by providing excellent wear protection.
  • Vertex Transmatic CVT remains fluid at low temperatures for excellent operation during winter.
  • Vertex Transmatic CVT prevents sludge and varnish build up
  • The additive package helps provide smoother Operation, longer gear life and superior performance.

Not for use in DCT/DSG applications


Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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