Vertex Rockdrill 220 is a premium quality fluid manufactured from mineral base oil and unique additives with a special balance of demulsibility control and tackiness essential for air operated lubrication.  Vertex Rock Drill 220 provides effective lubrication and long trouble free service life to air operated equipment.

Vertex Rockdrill 220 is designed for use in :

  • Pneumatic drills.
  • Jumbo drills.
  • Jackleg drills.
  • Jackhammers.
  • Small air tools and motors.
  • Airline oilers.

The additive package provides many performance attributes necessary for the lubrication of enclosed gears, and industrial plain and anti-friction bearings.
Suitable for lubrication of chain drives, due to the tacky qualities of these oils.

Vertex Rockdrill 220 offers the following benefits:

  • Extended equipment life – Extreme pressure performance protects against the heavy shock loads of rock drill service, minimizing wear of the rock drill piston, rifle bar and nut.
  • Excellent wet condition performance – Provides adhesive film that clings to lubricated parts. Resists washing off by water in the compressed air driving the piston.
  • Protection in wet environments – Excellent rust and corrosion protection prevents corrosion in the wet environments rock drills are typically used.
  • Lower inventory cost – multi purpose, can be used for the lubrication of gears, air tools, in hand oiling and for chain drives thereby reducing the inventory of lubricants necessary.

Please consult our Lube Guide for detailed applications.

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