Vertex DBF Super Dot 4 is an ultra high performance synthetic (polyalkylene glycol ether and borate ester ) brake fluid.  Specially developed for hydraulic brake and clutch systems, to ensure safe braking in premium and high performance cars.  Vertex DBF Super Dot 4 is available in 1L – 5L – 20L – 60L – 200L – 1000L IBC

Vertex DBF Super Dot 4 is designed for use in :

  • Clutch systems in all cars, trucks and equipment that require a non petroleum based DOT 3, DOT 4 or Super DOT 4 brake & clutch hydraulic fluid.
  • Can be used for first fill or refilling a brake or clutch system. For best results, the system should always be flushed prior to first fill or before refilling the system.
  • Vertex DBF Super Dot 4 is recommended for all hydraulic brake and clutch applications using disc or drum brakes, with the exception of those for which mineral oil is prescribed *

All brake fluids which contain glycol ethers should be used with care.  Avoid spilling this product on paintwork as it may have a damaging effect. In the advent of a spill, rinse the affected area with water immediately . Do not wipe!!.

Vertex DBF Super Dot 4 offers the following benefits:

  • Vertex DBF Super Dot 4 is a highly refined fluid with exceptional stopping capabilities.
  • Ensures high boiling points even after heavy use.
  • Provides protection against corrosion and sludge formation.
  • Provides great braking safety.
  • Compatible with all common brake system materials.
  • compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4 & DOT 5.1 (low temperature, non-silicone type).

Please consult our Lube Guide before use.