Home Page Headers.

Across the top of the home page you will see the below header bar with its 7 “categories”.  Their functionality is explained below.  This bar will always be visible no matter where you are on the site.  This means that you can always find your way back to the right spot.

Home Page

This is self explanatory.  If you want to go back to the Home Page merely click home (or the Lubricant NZ Logo) and you will be taken back to the start.

Products & Services

The Products & Services bar is where you search if you know the product type you want.  E.g Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Coolant, Grease etc.

Market Segments

The Market Segments bar is where you search if you know the industry you are looking for, but not the specific product. E.g you have a vehicle classified as automotive or agricultural etc.  Once you pick your category, the products inside that category will relate specifically to your industry.


This is a breakdown of the 3 brands we sell.  Elf, Vertex and Lubmarine.  Over time this will also carry any future developments relating to each brand generically.  For example if there is a new Vertex plant built the pictures of the development will go in this news section as well as on the brand page.


This is the who and what section of our website.  Who we are, what we do, where we came from and where we are going.  It will also give you a chance to meet some of our team.


This is the why and how section of our website.  It explains some of the key points of what makes an oil, and how they are classified.  It also goes through performance characteristics of common fluid types.  We will also touch on why we believe our knowledge can be a real asset to your business.  This is designed to be a constantly evolving section for people (regardless of what brand you use in fact) who want to know more about the fundamentals of oil and grease.  Our health and safety protocols are also included in this section.


Once again this section is pretty self explanatory.   It has the generic details of all of our branches, including google map links to plot your course to stop in for a coffee.

For more detailed or staff specific contact details click onto company/our team.